Albany Park Theater Project

photo Amy Braswell © 2009 Albany Park Theater Project

Albany Park Theater Project (APTP) is a neighborhood teen theater company in Chicago that creates original plays from members’ real life stories and from stories gathered by members from working class people in the neighborhood.  Since 1997, APTP has created highly-skilled, artistic and transformative theater.  And they do it with kids who never audition.  APTP co-founder and producing artistic director David Feiner, who holds a masters degree from the Yale Graduate School of Drama, has a practiced method and he stays with the kids as they grow.  To be as transformational as APTP is for ensemble members, the arts work has to truly be an artistic experience, and it is.

“If Marlin shares her story in a safe community and then she gets to see the impact that her story has had on other people, that is going to affect her in return.  And that’s dangerous.  It’s risky.  It’s scary.  I hope that taking that kind of risk in a safe, loving and compassionate environment can be for Marlin – and for everybody else who shares a story ever at APTP – a learning experience in how to have loving, respectful, safe, reciprocal relationships in your life.”

David Feiner

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