To order TRUST for use in your University, Non-Profit, Library, High School, Congregation, or Community Group, click here:

Institutional DVDs come with 78- and 57-minute versions, both with Closed Captions cc-logo_tiny and Spanish subtitles.


Stream on New Day Digital:

Click here to stream the 78-minute version on New Day Digital.

Click here to stream the 57-minute version on New Day Digital.

3 Years $350
5 Years $399
5 Years (In-house) $399

If your institution subscribes to the Kanopy streaming platform, you may already be able to view the film here.
3 Years $350
1 Year $150



Institutional buyers receive a bound copy of the 98-page, comprehensive TRUST Teaching Guide and Community Screening Toolkit. Extra copies of the guide are available here.